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Pupil Welfare

At The Warwickshire Academy, pupil’s physical and emotional welfare is of paramount importance. We aim to empower the pupils and teach them skills that will help them build the resilience to enjoy a fulfilled life both inside and outside of school. Staff are trained in evidence based, relational approaches that enable them to support the pupils to identify and communicate their emotions and develop regulation strategies that they can use throughout their life. Through positive engagement with pupils, families and a multitude of supportive agencies staff use a multi-agency approach to support the pupils social, emotional and mental health throughout their journey through education.

Our Pastoral Team

Jennifer Marks: Pastoral Manager

· Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

· Neurodevelopmental approaches

· Behaviour and Attitudes support

· Early help support

· Safe and Well checks

· Trauma and Attachment

Berni Winterburn: Family Support Worker

· Safe and well checks

· Pastoral support

· Family support

· Behaviour and attitudes support

The Warwickshire Academy is a welcoming community hub and we encourage parents and carers to visit us and work collaboratively with us for the benefit, progress and outcomes of their children.