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Parental Engagement

All staff at The Warwickshire Academy engage with parents / carers regularly and as a part of the key role they play in the lives of the children. Staff members in each team make scheduled contact with parents / carers at the end of each week to discuss the success of the week, achievement, reflections and any areas of concern and this is a crucial and important opportunity for all parties to communicate vital and supportive information to provide the best care and education for the children.

The Academy MIS system Arbor provides a parent App that enables effective and easy communication with the Academy on areas such as parent pay for school dinners, behaviour and achievement, attendance and communication with teachers and key staff. This system allows all aspects of Academy life to be accessed quickly and easily, providing a supportive and interactive tool for parents to engage with staff and their children’s daily school life. The sharing of work and achievements is encouraged and staff will regularly share examples with parents to celebrate the successes of their children as much as possible.

All staff at The Warwickshire Academy consistently build positive relationships with parents / carers and work hard to ensure that effective and timely support is offered specifically between the teams that work closely with each individual child. This consistent communication and sharing of Academy and home life ensures all children have the best chance at succeeding and enables us to provide the most appropriate and effective pastoral and academic approaches that each child requires.